Kristal is the story of a family that has devoted itself to olive and olive oil for generations since 1938. This story begins with a ship travel by which the family moves from Malta to Izmir. The family does not forget this ship and carries it to the logo of the brand.

Kristal, known as “VapurluYağ” (i.e. a nick name given to Kristal meaning olive oil bearing a ship on its logo) in many regions of Anatolia, is Turkey’s first branded olive oil. Having pioneered and served to flourish and develop olive oil culture especially in Anatolia for generations, Kristal is a very valuable brand and yet, it has been even more than a brand.

Today, Kristal remains committed to reflect its 80-year tradition and passion for olive oil in its products and services. The following are the most important reasons for you to choose Kristal:

We bottle olive oil, untouched by human hand!

It is great importance to us to maintain sustainable food safety and human health. Hygienic production is an unchanging rule for Kristal. We make production and packaging without hand-touching in our production lines, which were renewed in 2010, by giving utmost care to ecological balance, food safety, environment and human health.

We maintain the same taste and flavor throughout the harvest year!

The quality of olive oil starts with the olive itself and depends on many factors. The terrain and climate conditions where olive trees are grown, cultivation methods, the timing of harvest and picking methods, olive processing methods, production and storage conditions and many other internal and external factors affect the quality, taste, smell and acidity of olive oil.

The quality, flavor, smell and components of olive oil are determined by chemical analysis and sensory evaluations. All our products are subjected to physical, chemical and sensory tests both before and after production by the expert team of Kristal.

Our tasting panel team evaluates all sample products sent to our factory, and after the approval of this team during the product selection stage and the input quality control process, the purchase and entry of the related product lot is carried out. In this way, the olive oil obtained from different sources during the harvest year is selected among the ones that are suitable for the best flavor scale of that year and the region and offered for sale under the Kristal brand.

We comply with national and international quality standards without compromise!

Our facilities are operated in accordance with national and international standards. Our company has TS EN ISO 9001 Quality, TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems and BRC International Food Safety standard certificates and is regularly audited by the issuing institutions.

We have a well-equipped and modern laboratory!

Our state-of-the-art laboratory, which uses new generation test equipment, is certified by IOC (International Olive Council) and is included in the list of “IOC's accredited laboratories which can successfully perform olive oil analysis”. Thanks to the quality certificates and laboratory proficiency certificates, our laboratory is a high-reliability laboratory that pass the proficiency tests performed regularly every year.

We aim to cater to every palate and enrich our product range with our olive oil varieties with authentic flavors!

We offer a rich range of extra virgin olive oils for consumers who enjoy the unique smell and intensity of olive oil. Our range includes products not only for those looking for a lighter taste, but for those who wish to try authentical delicacies, as well.

We produce our products without any chemical treatment!

Our facility established in İzmir Bornova was renovated in 2010 with all production processes and turned into a modern environmental-friendly refinery and filling facility. In our refinery plant, olive oil, namely, is produced without any chemical treatment.

We are determined to protect the values of the geography we live in!

We have undertaken a mission to preserve the local flavors and threatened olive varieties, to improve both the quality of Turkish olive oil and its global appreciation, and yet to provide local producers and oil companies necessary training and know-how given by our quality improvement team.

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