Ayvalık Mill

Our integrated continuous extraction mill in Ayvalık, which was renewed in 2015 with all its processes, serves olive growers and farmers not only in Ayvalık-Edremit region but also in the Aegean region. The olives harvested from olive groves and brought in crates to our mill are passed through a two-phase continuous system after picking and washing process to remove leaves, twigs or earth, and crushed to produce a homogenous mixture (the paste) from which the olive oil can be extracted. The paste obtained by crushing the olivesis a combination of liquid (oil and water) and solids (pulp and stones) and then is passed through the decanter to separate the oil, pomace and vegetable water from each other. After this process, resulting olive oil is re-centrifuged at high speed to separate the flesh from the oil. The olive oil is then filtered and stored in suitable stainless steel tanks at temperatures not exceeding 18⁰C (app. 65°F). After the completion of the purchasing process followed by physical analysis tests and sensory evaluation performed by our expert teams, olive oil is transported to our Izmir Bornova factory in stainless steel tanks by trucks. In our facility, we obtain extra virgin olive oil by cold-extraction method from olive paste at temperatures not exceeding 27⁰C (app. 80°F).


İzmir Bornova Factory

The refining of vegetable oils is a very critical process that requires technological competence and reliability. All olive oils which cannot be consumed directly, have high acidity and sensory defects and classified as “raw or lampant olive oil” should be refined in order to be edible.

Our facility established in Bornova-İzmir was upgraded in 2010 with all production processes and turned into an advanced environment-friendly refinery and filling facility. In our refinery plant, raw olive oil is transformed into refined olive oil with water vapor technology without any chemical process.

The refined olive oils obtained are then blended with North Aegean extra virgin olive oil and turned into olive oil, immediately transferred to our filling facility through stainless steel pipes and thereafter packaged for sale. The extra virgin olive oil obtained from our Ayvalık Mill and also from Turkey's other regions are stored in stainless steel tanks under conditions not exceeding 18⁰C (app. 65°F), followed by careful physical, chemical and sensory analysis made by our expert teams at factory entrance phase. These olive oils are then transported to our filling facility through stainless steel pipes, filtered and packaged for sale without further processing.

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