Our Mission

To meet the expectations of all olive oil lovers in the world without sacrificing quality.

Our Vision

To be a global brand by providing olive oil products, which are indispensable for healthy life, with the Kristal taste reference.

Our Values

We are human-oriented: We value humans and human health. We consider human health and food safety as a priority at every stage from raw material supply to supplying our products to our consumers.

We focus on quality: We comply with quality standards without compromise. Our production facilities are run in accordance with national and international quality standards.

We respect the environment: It is among our responsibilities to leave a livable and clean world to future generations. In order to protect the environment and ensure its continuity, we use environmentally friendly recycable packaging, and work in accordance with environmental laws and regulations.

We protect the local values of the geography we live: We act with awareness to preserve local flavors of our country, to protect extincting varieties, to improve the quality of Turkish olive oil for promoting it in the global markets. We provide necessary training to the local olive oil producers and olive farmers.

We care sustainable long-term business relationship: Our commercial partners are those who buy and sell our products and deliver them to our consumers. We take care of the interests of our customers and our company by establishing long-term relationships based on mutual trust.

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