Saplings from Kristal!

Being Turkey’s long-standing and reputable brand, we started in 2015 "The Development of Producers and Protection of Regional Flavors Project" to protect the local flavors and olive varieties of the geography we live. With this project, it is our purpose to get in touch with local producers , whom we believe, are the vital partners in the process of upgrading the quality of Turkish olive oil.

With this project a total of 15,000 saplings were distributed in Ayvalık-Edremit Region and Milas Region in 2019.

"No" to Violence Against Women!

As part of this project, which we carried out with İzmir Women's Solidarity Association, in order to be a beacon of hope for our women victims of violence the tomato sauce prepared by our female employees with hot pepper pickles has been put on sale on our e-commerce site under the Kristal brand. All income generated from the sale of this limited edition product was donated to the Izmir Women's Solidarity Association in early 2020.

Stay Safe!

Within the scope of the “Stay Safe” project, we cooked together with famous chefs. We were delighted that the healthy menus prepared by Dilara Koçak were cooked with Kristal olive oils and distributed to the needy by the service of Istanbul Kadıköy Municipality.


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