Our passion for olive oil started in 1938 when Anthony Micaleff, one of the members of the Micaleff Family, started the production of olive oil in İzmir, and obtained its corporate identity in 1945 with the approval of the Council of Ministers. In those years, the top priority of economic development and growth policies initiated immediately after the establishment of the Republic of Turkey was to bring the domestic private capital into the economy. For this reason, our company was established by the approval of the Council of Ministers in 1945 and entitled by the title of T.A.Ş. (i.e. Türk Anonim Şirketi meaning Turkish Joint Stock Company). Since then, we have been carrying this title with great honor and pride.

Kristal, being Turkey’s first branded olive oil and having pioneered and served to flourish and develop olive oil culture especially in Anatolia for generations, is a very valuable brand, it has been even more than a brand. In 1950s, while olive oil was mainly consumed in Aegean and Marmara Regions, which are the olive oil production areas, Kristal had been a pioneer company introducing and adopting the habit of consuming olive oil among Turkish people in Anatolia.

Kristal is a company of firsts; it is the first brand that produced olive oil and launched its olive oil product range in tin packaging, as well as it is the first company that exported packed and branded olive oil in Turkey.

Kristal owes its strong position in the food industry to its corporate management approach, qualified and dedicated workforce, innovation and continuous improvement. The company's short and long term plans include strengthening its position in the world markets and improving production quality and efficiency.

Kristal exports olive oil to more than 35 countries today. Representing Turkish olive oil proudly in many export markets, Kristal ownes a reputable brand name especially in the European countries where ethnic food markets high in number.

Following the partnership with Arkas Holding in 2007, Kristal has expanded its investments and production capacity followed by taking steps to increase brand awareness and market share in developed markets in Turkey and abroad.

Our company being the first Turkish company to establish an olive oil company in Valencia, Spain in 2018, remains committed to continue its international breakthroughs with the vision of "fulfilling the expectations of all olive oil lovers in the world without sacrificing quality".

Kristal, in addition to olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and vegetable oils, has expanded its product range by launching complementary products such as olive oil bath soap, olive, olive leaf tea since 2017. With its 160 employees, today, the company is among most important companies in the olive oil industry.

We are content with offering quality products to our consumers for generations under the “Kristal” brand since the day our company was founded.

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