Our Data Privacy Policy

Within the framework of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698 (KVKK) and the relevant national legislation; our personal data protection policy where the principles adopted and the rules to be followed are given importance and meticulously implemented, secures collecting, processing, transferring, updating and destroying personal data.

We use various cookie data files to enable our users to benefit from our internet (web) services in a safe and complete manner, to store preferences that the user can customize in the application interface and to improve the user experience, to compile statistical information and to protect the privacy of our visitors, and as a data controller, we collect data through using cookies.

With our data privacy policy, in comply with the Personal Data Protection Law, it is aimed basically by the Data Controller to make explanations about the personal data processing activity and the rules adopted for the protection of personal data. In this context, it is aimed to ensure transparency and to inform the persons and entities, such as our business partners, current and prospective employees, current and potential customers, company shareholders, visitors and third parties, whose personal data are processed by our company.

Our Food Safety and Quality Policy

Producing the first branded olive oil under the KRİSTAL brand in Turkey, TİCARET VE SANAYİ KONTUVARI T.A.Ş. with its quality and reliable service approach in olive oil and vegetable oil industry has adopted the principle to provide its customers high-standard products by having reinforced its quality principles with the BRC Food Safety Global Standards, TS EN ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety, and TS EN ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems.

The Basic Principles of our Food Safety and Quality Policy are as follows;

  • Our company aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by improving itself through continuous improvement efforts while using Food Safety and Quality Management System effectively in all production and service stages.
  • Our company evaluates processed data, customer and supplier opinions through data analysis and sets food safety and quality targets to improve the system. It realizes the necessary training and technological investments in order to reach these targets in the foreseen time.
  • Our company strives to develop long-term relationships based on mutual goodwill and honesty, while supporting relations with suppliers, which are an important element of food safety and quality management system.
  • In order to ensure the sustainability of KRİSTAL quality, our company has built its HR policy on honest, environmentally conscious, quality-oriented, happy and efficient employees who respect the laws, regulations, ethical codes and professional standards.
  • Producing high quality and safe products under the most hygiene conditions and at the most appropriate costs is the core of our food safety and quality policy.


Our Human Resources Policy

Our company's human resources strategy is formulated in line with our vision and mission statements and implemented within the framework of the following policies.

  • To bring the workforce resource that is open to continuous learning and development to our company.
  • To apply the competency-based recruitment model.
  • To ensure unity of objectives within the framework of the Performance Management System.
  • To create a strong company brand.
  • To implement the open door policy at work.


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