About Us
About Us Kristal Oil which has been the first branded olive oil in Turkey, was established in 1938 in İzmir by Anthony Micaleff. Kristal Oil has been one of the first brands that produced olive oil and released packed olive oil to the market in Turkey. It has also been the first company that exported packed and branded olive oil. Today, as a pioneer in Turkish olive oil market, Kristal Oil exports olive oil to 25 countries.

In 1950s, while olive oil was mainly consumed in Aegean and Marmara Regions which are the production areas, Kristal Oil has been the leading company introducing and adopting the habit of consuming olive oil among Turkish people in Anatolia.

In 2007 along with the partnership of Arkas Holding, Kristal Oil has increased its investments and production capacity even more. Kristal Oil has been running operations to increase local and foreign market share.
Kristal Oil has been demanded for generations with its quality and trust developed on consumers.

Quality, Innovation, Trust

Since its foundation, Kristal Oil has adopted the “quality product” and “impeccable service” principles. Keeping up with the emerging technologies, Kristal Oil works in accordance with the ecological balances and with the awareness of human health at its plants built on 20.000 m2.

Sanitary production is a constant rule for Kristal Oil. Kristal Oil, which makes production and packaging, untouched by human hand, offers olive oil in glass bottles and tin cans which are the healthiest storage conditions for olive oil. Kristal Oil maintains the same quality of the products for generations. Kristal Oil is a participant of National Olive and Olive Oil Council quality control program and plays an active role on encouraging the participation of other companies offering quality products. Kristal olive oil, produced in accordance with national and international standards, meets the requirements of TS EN ISO 9001 Quality, TS EN ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems and BRC International Food Safety standards. All Kristal Oil products have Halal Food and Kosher certificates.